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You were designed to thrive.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to wait until you’re older, until your problems get worse or until you can’t handle it anymore. 


Because you matter- and what you do matters.

You’ve got dreams, goals and let’s face it- responsibilities. How awesome would it be to take these on with more ease and joy?


Your health powers your life.

Whether you are doing the laundry, running a business, climbing a mountain or being an infant, optimal health means optimal performance.


We help you feel and function your best

so you can do what you do best.

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Because we’ve been there.

Our own health challenges were deeply affecting our abilities to live fully, before the age of 20. 

Because of the impact chiropractic care had on each of us, we chose to become chiropractors ourselves.

And as we served hundreds of people, we wondered how the world might be different if more of us received chiropractic care sooner in life.

Catalyst Health Studio’s vision is to create future generations of brighter lives – we do that when we care for you today, and by supporting as many families in our community as possible through preconception, pregnancy, childhood and beyond with our chiropractic care.

-Dr. Michelle Law DC & Dr. Emerald Mojica DC

At Catalyst Health Studio,


your care is individually tailored to your needs


we address the root causes of your concerns


in a welcoming, community and family-centered environment



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We serve:

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Performance (Adults)

Common reasons adults seek chiropractic care:

  • anxiety & stress

  • poor sleep quality

  • decreased immune function

  • sprains/strains

Chiropractor Webster Technique Seattle

Pregnancy + Postpartum

Common reasons for prenatal & postpartum chiropractic care:

  • pelvic alignment & balance

  • comfort (less pain, better sleep)

  • support changes in body

  • Webster Technique

pediatric chiropractor


Common reasons why babies & kids are checked by the chiropractor:

  • latching/breastfeeding challenges

  • colic/unexplained crying

  • hyperactivity

  • poor posture

catalyst health studio

The Studio


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & occasional Sundays


2206 Queen Anne Ave N #302
(upstairs from How to Cook a Wolf)

To take the stairs: turn left at the end of the hallway, go up to the 3rd floor and enter at door 302.

To take the elevator: go through the white door at the end of the hallway into the garage. Follow the painted lines to the elevator and press 3 to reach the 3rd floor. Turn right to exit the white door and turn right again to reach door 302.


Please plan to arrive about 10 minutes early, to give yourself space to find parking, make your way in to the building and settle in before we start. There is free street parking along Queen Anne Ave and on Boston St.


Catalyst Health Studio is out of network with all insurance companies, though we are happy to check your benefits for you and see if you have any out of network chiropractic benefits.

For your convenience, we also directly submit your visits to your insurance company for you. Depending on your specific benefits and at the discretion of the insurance, this process generally allows you to be reimbursed for a portion of the fees.

Please feel free to reach out for clarification on this process or to have us check your individual situation for you. 




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