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Seattle Children's Chiropractor

Where to Go

2206 Queen Anne Ave N #302
Seattle WA 98109
​Enter under the 2206 canopy on Queen Anne Ave.


To take the stairs, turn left before the end of the hallway and make your way to the third floor. Walk outside, turn left to reach the door labeled 302. 
To take the elevator, proceed straight and through the white door at the end of the hallway.
In the parking garage, follow the painted lines on the ground to the middle of the left wall.
Take the elevator to 3, and turn right to go outside through the door. Turn right again to reach the door labeled 302. 


Where to Park

Please plan to arrive about 10 minutes early, to give yourself space to find parking, make your way in to the building and settle in before we start. There is free street parking along Queen Anne Ave and on Boston St by the Starbucks. 

The entrance to our building is between How to Cook A Wolf and Grappa. 

If you are lost or stuck in traffic, please give us a call at 206.483.7207 so we can assist you! 


What to Wear

Comfortable and flexible clothing is recommended but not required (because sometimes you just have to come straight from a dressy business meeting). 

For your first visit, a tank top and shorts are preferred as most people like to be in their own clothing for the examination, but we do have patient gowns when needed. 



Catalyst Health Studio is out of network with all insurance companies, though we are happy to check your benefits for you and see if you have any out of network chiropractic benefits.
For your convenience, we also directly submit your visits to your insurance company for you. Depending on your specific benefits and at the discretion of the insurance, this process generally allows you to be reimbursed for a portion of the fees.
Please feel free to reach out for clarification on this process or to have us check your individual situation for you. 


Bringing Children

We would love to care for your whole family but recognize that not everyone is ready for that. So, if you’re a parent or caretaker and need to bring a child or three along for your appointment, you’re welcome to. We have toys and books and have made many a pillow fort.


How to Reach Us

Our phone number is 206.483.7207. If we miss your call, please forgive us and leave a voicemail!

We can also receive text messages, which one of us will respond to.

If you prefer email, general inquiries can go to [email protected].

Ella and the chiropractors can be personally contacted too – 

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]