Pediatric Chiropractic Care 
Ages 0 to 18

Just like families get regular dental checkups to detect tooth problems early on and prevent the ones they can, families get regular chiropractic checkups in the same way for their nervous systems. 

Parents bring their children to the office for a variety of reasons and symptoms, however our objective is not to treat diseases or conditions. We help humans of all ages live healthier lives with holistic chiropractic care.

Whether the child is a newborn or a teenager, a gentle and specific chiropractic approach can help by promoting more optimal function in their nervous systems. 

From conception to the common simple strains of the birth process, repetitive falls while learning to walk, childhood injuries from play, long periods of sitting in school, carrying heavy backpacks and now the effects of using mobile devices – there are a multitude of factors that can affect the developing spine and nervous system before one reaches adulthood. 

Many of our parents bring their newborns in to get checked after birth, even if it was seemingly uneventful, and especially if there was a cesarean, vacuum, forceps, particularly long or particularly short labor involved.

Common symptoms that babies present with include difficulties or asymmetry with nursing, colic, reflux, trouble sleeping, constipation and fussiness. Common symptoms that older children present with include behavioral concerns, asthma, allergies, recurrent ear infections, scoliosis, menstrual cramps or other physical discomfort. However, our objective, as mentioned above, is not to treat any specific condition or disease.

Children tend to respond quickly to care and parents report noticing effects such as better concentration and energy, improved sleep and digestion, more upright posture, less fussiness or reflux, increased physical comfort and more. 

Pediatric chiropractic care addresses underlying dysfunction in a child’s cranial or spinal joints, taking special consideration for the structure, biomechanics and stage of development the individual is in. 

A child’s spine is not simply a small version of the adult spine. Additionally, there are many different approaches and techniques that pediatric chiropractors can take to assess and adjust a child’s spine, depending on their age, preferences, disposition and any special needs.

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