Chiropractic Care for Postpartum

You just had a baby. And now you have a different lifestyle and a new body too. 

Postpartum is a truly unique time, the impact of which often goes unrecognized. (By the way, we don’t think of postpartum as only the six weeks after giving birth.)

In this period, the birthing parent is both needing to heal and recover from the marathon of pregnancy and the major event that is birth, while simultaneously caring for a baby in a completely new rhythm. This is a time where support in many aspects is paramount, and ways of being are transformed. 

Repetitive stresses are plenty, such as carrying, nursing, diapering and lifting, typically in a sleep-deprived state. Additionally, many in postpartum find that their nervous systems are more sensitive to stimuli, and the emotional experience can be overwhelming. 

Postpartum chiropractic care is talked about less than prenatal care, yet it is essential for the support and healing for many parents – not just immediately after birth, but in the years later. Patients commonly seek care for pubic bone or other pelvic pain after birth, neck and upper back discomfort from breastfeeding or bottle feeding, support for pelvic floor recovery, foot pain (like plantar fasciitis) or wrist and forearm pain/numbness/burning (sometimes known as “mommy thumb”). Proper alignment and movement in the pelvic joints is important in postpartum as well, helping to stabilize the core, playing a role in the healing of diastasis recti.

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