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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Let’s state the obvious – your body is changing, a lot.

For one thing, there’s a quickly developing human (or multiple) residing in your uterus. Meanwhile, your center of gravity is shifting, which leads to postural changes and possibly aches, pains and loss of balance. There can be increased stress on existing imbalances in your spine and pelvis as your belly grows, and your alignment, muscles and ligaments have to compensate for these changes.

Pelvic imbalances are common and often go unnoticed in our modern lifestyles. Many people have fallen on their buttocks, experienced sports injuries or been in car accidents. Even more deal with prolonged postures, such as sitting, driving, or how they work or sleep.

Repetitive and asymmetrical stresses that people frequently experience include sitting with legs crossed, having to control the gas/brake with right leg, carrying a toddler on a hip, using a handbag on one shoulder, wearing shoes with a lifted heel or movements with a dominant/preferred side. 

Changes in center of gravity, posture, biomechanics and hormones that occur during pregnancy can make these imbalances more obvious. Since your uterus sits inside your pelvis and is connected by ligaments, misalignments of the pelvis can lead to uneven tension on the uterus. This may affect your baby’s ability to easily move around and get into their most ideal position for birth. This can also show up as discomfort or pain (such as low back pain, round ligament pain or sciatica), loss of balance, and/or difficulty with daily activities.

Prenatal chiropractic care invites more ease in during pregnancy and labor by reducing the effects of dysfunction in your spinal and pelvic joints. We also gently release tension in certain muscles and ligaments to encourage more comfort and balance in your body. We use special pillows to support the abdomen (probably every pregnant patient’s favorite part of getting adjusted– getting to lie down with the belly held in the pillow), as well as to prop up the upper body if needed, when the patient is laying on their back.  

Additionally,  our chiropractors are certified in Webster Technique, which is a way of assessing and adjusting the sacrum. This can alleviate some causes of a difficult labor, and help in bringing more symmetry to the pelvis, where your uterus (and developing baby) lives.

Chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy and the process of getting adjusted is quite comfortable. While it is possible to start care at any point throughout pregnancy, the earlier the better and easier. This provides both the luxury of time and support to address pre-existing imbalances, as well as new stresses that come up over the course of this time period.

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