the catalyst health team


Dr. Michelle Law, DC
Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor
Can do math. 
Originally from Calgary, AB


Dr. Emerald Mojica, DC
Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractor
Can do math (with a calculator).
Originally from Monroe-ish, WA

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Ella Fisher, BS
Personal Trainer & Future Chiro
Only has to count reps. 
Originally from Salt Spring Island, BC

Retired Members


Dogtor Kitsy Magoo, DOG
Previous service dog in training
Can do math (seriously). 
Originally from Santa Rosa, CA

*Kit had a “change of career” and is now a beloved pet, but she remains close in our hearts, therefore she is still on the website

About Us


Chiropractic care transformed our lives

We each had our health challenges that deeply affected our ability to be our best.

Dr. Michelle had asthma, allergies, depression and sciatic pain that was so intense she could barely move from bed in the morning. Dr. Emerald had multiple concussions and hockey injuries that prevented him from lifting his arms and made it difficult even to think. 

Through our personal journeys with discovering chiropractic care, reconnecting with our innate ability to heal and recognizing the capacity we each have to consciously choose how we live, the course of our lives shifted.

And now we want to share this with others

Because of the impact our chiropractors and this new perspective on health had on us, we knew that we wanted to serve others in this way. After graduation, we practiced separately in Singapore, and although our experiences differed from each other’s, there was a common thread. Having seen hundreds upon hundreds of people with chronic and severe symptoms, we felt driven to reach others as early as possible in life, since many of those problems started in their lives decades before. This meant caring for children, babies, pregnant women and supporting couples before they conceive.

This means caring for you today

We have completed 200 hours of postgraduate classes on caring for children and pregnant people through chiropractic care, as well as hundreds of hours in training in corrective care, extremity adjusting and working with athletes.

This empowers us to connect with different people and situations, helping them feel and function their best so they can do what they do best. 


We have fun. Sometimes we are counter-cultural. We try to say the hard thing, even when it’s not popular. ​

We are always in process and love connecting with others wherever they are. Our practice is dynamic – changing as we change and flowing to meet the group of people we are encountering at the time. 

We are ALL about collaborating with this generation to impact the health of future generations.

We thrive when we encourage others to walk in their power and trust in their design. 

We aim to live full out.